Cross Multi-link Bracelet

Cross Multi-link Bracelet
ss 14k gates brcelet
ss 14k gates brcelet3


Cross Multi-Link Bracelet: 14k gold & sterling silver multi-link wide bracelet with gold T-bar clasp. Each piece is hand made and assembled creating a magnificent multi-metal, multi-link piece of wearable art.


Product Description

Cross Multi-Link Bracelet:

Our Cross Multi-link Bracelet is made from both 14 karat gold and sterling silver links. This wide bracelet composed of thirty-three individual crosses linked in three rows. It is locked or closed with a handmade 14 karat gold T-bar clasp. The gold clasp is attached to ornately engraved silver end caps. Each piece is hand made and assembled in our work shop by one or all of our artisans. At Something Fine we always strive to create a magnificent and memorable jewelry,  just like this piece of multi metal, multi link piece of   wearable art.


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