Something Fine opened its doors on Main Street in Seal Beach in 1982. We began our business with the desire to create fine jewelry as a beautiful and wearable art form. It took a few months to actually open our doors as we had no inventory, no displays and no clients to speak of.

We began as a typical jewelry store, creating rather mainstream and trendy jewelry that was popular at the time. After a time, our creations became more innovative and a lot more interesting. A mutual love of historical art led us down a new path of timeless creation. We began using unique and colorful gemstones in pieces for romantic and fanciful new designs. The result has been a unique and timeless style of jewelry making with beauty, love and an artisan’s craftsmanship

Over the years, we developed a unique style that sets us apart. Our signature look is original, “Old World”, and ours alone. We use designs from many different areas in the world of art.
From florid Victorian art engravings, to Greco-Roman sculpture, to Celtic knot patterns. We combine different aspects of art and cultures to create a timeless and innovative look in jewelry as a form of art. We use opals from Australia, blue zircons from Cambodia, hot pink tourmalines from Brazil, alexanderite from Russia . . . stones you’ve never heard of . . . in unimaginable colors . . . from all corners of the World. The gift of jewelry is like a time machine. You can hold it in your hand and be transported back to the place, time and occasion when you received it . . and reminded of the person whose profound thoughtfulness moved your world.

Something Fine is dedicated to creating your “Dream Come True” piece of wearable art, destined to become a future heirloom.