About Us

The Magic of Custom Creations

When my partner and I first started this business, we had a small manufacturing and repair shop that was strictly a wholesale business. When we moved to Main Street to open our retail business, we carried with that our ability to actually create the pieces we were selling. Over the years we have developed a unique style that sets us apart from other jewelry stores. Our signature look is original, Old World, and ours alone.

We use aspects from different arenas in the art world- from Greco Roman sculpture to Celtic knot patterns. We take inspiration from the Book of Kells- or Victorian ornamental engraving patterns and use them within the design. We combine different aspects of art and cultures to create a timeless and new look in jewelry.

Because we make everything on site- it gives us the ability to be very flexible and creative. We can take an idea for a piece of jewelry- then turn that idea into a sketch for the customer. Once a design has been decided on- we create a wax model for the prototype. This gives the customer a three dimensional visual rather than just a one dimensional drawing. Once the model is approved, we cast it in the desired metal and set the piece with stones for the finished product.

One of my dearest clients came to me and said his wife was turning 50, and she had always wanted a beautiful cameo pendant. He decided he wanted to create something special for her- an heirloom piece that was unique- a cameo of her mother. I found a cameo carver in Italy for him- one that specialized in portraits- then showed my customer some photos of the work he’d done. We then looked through old photos of his wife’s mother and found a photo of her first communion. The resulting cameo was absolutely beautiful. We then designed and created a bezel to set the cameo in and surrounded it with his wife’s birthstone- alexandrite. The resulting pendant was a piece of new antiquity- a tangible representation of family heritage and love.

Each and every customer my partner and I do business with is treated as precious with special and individual  needs. We create pieces for them as symbols of the emotions they feel, a legacy, a signature.


A thought from the Alchemist…

Metal Magic

Gemstones and metals have always been part of our history – from mysticism, to adornment, to currency. Even in prehistory human beings have shown a love for jewelry made of bone or shell. There are cursed gems, lucky charms and treasure waiting to be discovered. Jewelry is a part of the human experience.

There is a myth says that “he who holds an aqua in his mouth can call upon the devil to answer any question. Nero (of Rome) had sunglasses fashioned from emerald crystals. The ancient Persians hung coral branches around their children to protect them from evil spirits. Christians wear crosses to symbolize the love of Christ. Silver is said to enhance psychic ability and improve speech. Today, rings are worn to show school affiliation, marital status or good luck charms.

There is more to a piece of jewelry then simple decoration. It’s about history – legend – mysticism and emotion. You can create a memory and capture a moment in time with a piece of jewelry. You can create magic.

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Jewelry is more then metal and gems, it has a definite emotional content.  When you are given a piece of jewelry by someone for whom you care deeply- there is an emotional charge to the piece.  It’s like a small time machine connecting you to the person, the event and the circumstances involved in the exchange.  You can look at or feel the piece and it will take you right back there.  If the person that gave you the piece has hurt you- it will be extremely difficult to wear it again.  You can hold a piece of jewelry in your hand and feel the connection to the person you received it from.  The same way that a smell or a song can transport you to another place or a forgotten memory, there is a mystical aspect to the gift of jewelry. When you give the gift of jewelry you are actually performing subtle magic.

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