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Metal Magic

Metal Magic

Gemstones and metals have always been part of our history – from mysticism, to adornment, to currency. Even in prehistory human beings have shown a love for jewelry made of bone or shell. There are cursed gems, lucky charms and treasure waiting to be discovered. Jewelry is a part of the human experience.

There is a myth says that “he who holds an aqua in his mouth can call upon the devil to answer any question. Nero (of Rome) had sunglasses fashioned from emerald crystals. The ancient Persians hung coral branches around their children to protect them from evil spirits. Christians wear crosses to symbolize the love of Christ. Silver is said to enhance psychic ability and improve speech. Today, rings are worn to show school affiliation, marital status or good luck charms.

There is more to a piece of jewelry then simple decoration. It’s about history – legend – mysticism and emotion. You can create a memory and capture a moment in time with a piece of jewelry. You can create magic.

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